Past Life

Past Life I was intuitively guided to choose Dr. Brian Weiss. He is an amazing man and the forefather of past life regression. Best selling author of many books including Many Lives Many Masters that began my journey into past life regression therapy.  His beautiful amazing methods along with my prior hypnosis training and ability […]

What is an Aura Counselor?

What is an Aura Counselor An Aura Counselor is a person who provides Aura therapy, a healing technique based on reading a person’s aura, or vital energy field, and then addressing what is revealed by the aura color or colors. Aura therapy is generally considered a subtype of biofield therapy, which is a form of […]

Biopulsar-Reflexograph AuraScope

Medical experts agree most heart disease, strokes and cancer can be prevented if detected early. A Biopulsar scan is safe, painless, quick and chemical-free. Involves no undressing, radiation, blood or urine tests, needle injections or harmful rays. Instantly you will see the pictures and a linear perspective of every organ, gland and brain activity in realtime and via a colour map similar to thermography. Biopulsar is advanced European early detection technology.

Aura Therapy

What is Aura Therapy and the history of the process? The exact origin of aura therapy is unknown, but historical references to it date back about 5,000 years. East Indian, Chinese, Jewish, and Christian faiths all have references to auras as energies that vibrate through physical matter. The energies are seen as colors and represent […]