Quantum Stroll

Take a quantum stroll with the Hypervibe vibration plate and the RedRujuvenator light therapy to experience a full day’s physical, mental, and spiritual-energetic benefits and to provide a vibrational rise of chi flow to help release lower psychosomatic, physical, and spiritual energies no longer serving you along with many anti-aging and medical benefits in 10-15 minute sessions while being immersed in nature’s healing sounds.

Meet the RedRejuvenator

Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is a 2-time medical award-winning inventor, Engineer, visionary entrepreneur, Eastern Medicine Physician, int’l award-winning artist & former submarine designer.

She’s a world-renowned pioneer & expert in the science behind the healing effects of color, Light Therapy, Energy Medicine & Flow states for Optimal Health, Healing, Brain Function & Anti-aging.

Her REDjuvenator Healing Matrix Light Formulations combine the latest LED technology with cutting-edge scientific & medical research … to slow & reverse aging, heal & rejuvenate, replenish and refresh the entire body.

The Redjuvenator uses synergy in the red and infrared light to create more benefits and differ from all other lights. Leanne adds “quantum healing codes” ( linked the codes to the various chakras in the body and eventually to colors via terahertz(THz) frequencies of light.)

She claims this makes it far more effective than traditional lights that are based only on what’s been studied in the literature. Often the literature studies focus only on what NIH (National Institute of Health) funds and may exclude testing effective therapies for many reasons.

Leanne likes to say that her light has systemic effects and it does not have to be used on every individual body part to impart an effect