Biopulsar-Reflexograph AuraScope

Medical experts agree most heart disease, strokes and cancer can be prevented if detected early. A Biopulsar scan is safe, painless, quick and chemical-free. Involves no undressing, radiation, blood or urine tests, needle injections or harmful rays. Instantly you will see the pictures and a linear perspective of every organ, gland and brain activity in realtime and via a colour map similar to thermography. Biopulsar is advanced European early detection technology.

On the left is a sample of the Aurascope Software as displayed on your computer screen.

Below are the first four pages of an Aurascope report printout.
Page 1 – shows the full body aura.
Page 2 – shows the colour of each organ.
Page 3 – is an introduction to the report.
Page 4 – is the first page of the actual Aurascope report.
The number of pages printed varies based on if a partial or complete printout is chosen.

Besides the aura picture and the display of all organ energy colours a text printout (20 pages) with interpretations and proposals relating to depth psychology for life counselling is offered.

  • A printout with texts (approx. 20 pages) with psycho-energetical interpretations
    is given for each individual organ and energy colour.
  • The first and the family name of the patient can be inserted into the introduction and end of the text for a more individualized interpretation.
  • Graphical display of all organ energy colours besides the aura picture.
  • The organs can be chosen individually in the display and printing mode.

3 Important Reasons to have a Biopulsar-Reflexograph Scan

Enhance Your Mind-Body Connection

A Biopulsar® scan shows negative thoughts and programs. You will learn how your emotions influences your health and cause blockages. The Biopulsar shows the frequencies of your energy field (aura). In colour theory, colour expresses your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual connectedness.

Discover Your Best Tools

Watch how your body reacts to products and therapies. Using European advanced biofeedback technology we can check if your medications, supplements & treatments are really helping you. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on needless products? The Biopulsar is an unbiased second opinion.

Improve Your Health

In an initial Biopulsar® session we will document the vitality levels of 43 organs and glands. Our trained Biopulsar Technician will analyze the life force of each organ, body system and chakras – if the energy is optimal, average, hypo or hyper active. From your Biopulsar scan, lifestyle recommendations will be given to put you on the path of permanent and optimal wellness!