The Healing Matrix is unobtrusively nestled just a couple of minutes from the intersection of Poplar and Mt. Moriah roads in East Memphis on Toni’s private property for your private magical experience adjacent to her home. Here you will get away from it all and relax within a resort-like environment conducive to stepping out of the conventional matrix of society and stepping into the healing matrix within you.

Meet Toni Kuhn-Robertson


The Healing Matrix is excited to introduce the only Vibro Hydro Acoustic Healing Meditation Table in the State of Tennessee. Allow yourself to be holistically immersed within multiple, synchronized, advanced state-of-the-art technologies, along with ancient healing modalities. This delivery system (vessel) reduces stress, alleviates physical pain, creates a space for deep meditation and resonance within your body that is needed to release energies you have physically and psychosomatically attached to. Reach higher levels of consciousness while connecting to the Divine field of love within your heart space.


Take a quantum stroll with the Hypervibe vibration plate and the RedRujuvenator light therapy to experience a full day’s physical, mental, and spiritual-energetic benefits and to provide a vibrational rise of chi flow to help release lower psychosomatic, physical, and spiritual energies no longer serving you along with many anti-aging and medical benefits in 10-15 minute sessions while being immersed in nature’s healing sounds.


To know thyself is the highest form of intelligence and key to your healing.

Toni feels psychosomatic energy with you that manifests into the physical plane, causing pain and suffering mentally, physically, and energetically. Having your energy read via advanced scientific technology such as the Biopulsar-Reflexograph machine which measures 43 organs and your Endocrine/Chakra system via your chi flow reflex points from a gold plated technology.

Holistic Complete Body, Mind & Spirit Scan with Aura Counseling and Healing Session

The Holistic Complete session Includes a live one on one session with an empathetic reading of your personal energy to help personally guide you within your heart space for a higher self conversation through the energy of love to open to your answers within you.

A complete health vitality assessment of all system networks as well as common preconditions for stroke, heart issues, diabetes, and much more. Your Biopulsar assessment will also include a review of your mental, emotional and spiritual health. As well, you will receive several informative support handouts to assist you in your wellness program.

Aura and Chakra Empathic Session

This session Includes a chakra and aura display and assessment. A live one-on-one empathetic reading of your personal energy to help personally guide you within your heart space for a higher self conversation through the energy of love to open to your answers within you. A how to read your own Aura booklet that guides you into your own exploration of your personal along with Chakra Remedy sheets


Self-Awareness Awakening Guide

Empathic Guided Services includes a 20-minute meditation on vibroacoustic table


July 17 – 18, 2021

Oothon’s Metaphysical Shop 410 N. Cleaveland Street, Memphis, TN
(901) 728-9044

Toni will be at Oothon’s with the Biopulsar-Reflexograph a biofeedback system that measures the energy of 43 organs and relays the information on the screen.  This technology is used throughout the world.  Seeing your biofield in the color language allows you to be guided by a Holistic Aura Counselor, like Toni, to analyze your energy in a variety of ways, seeing the whole picture of the mind, body, spirit connection.

Choose between 4 services

The Holistic Complete Session  | Aura and Chakra Empathic Reading  |  Chakra Reading  |  Aura and Chakra display and assessment